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There is a robust ecosystem of ActionHero plugins which you can use to leverage the community's expertise in your applications.

To use an ActionHero plugin you usually npm install name-of-plugin and then refrence is in your ./config/plugins.js file to load it into your application.

// If you want to use plugins in your application, include them here:
return {
  'myPlugin': { path: __dirname + '/../node_modules/myPlugin' }

// You can also toggle on or off sections of a plugin to include (default true for all sections):
return {
  'myPlugin': {
    path: __dirname + '/../node_modules/myPlugin',
    actions: true,
    tasks: true,
    initializers: true,
    servers: true,
    cli: true,
    public: true

You can learn more about plugins in the ActionHero documentation.


NameDescriptionAH Versions
ah-sequelize-pluginSequelize.js plugin for ActionHero14-19
ah-elasticsearch-ormAn Elasticsearch ORM for ActionHero Projects. Provides CRUD instance methods, finders, updates, and collection abstractions14-16
ah-mongodb-pluginActionhero plugin to support MongoDB14-16
ah-rethinkdb-pluginActionhero plugin to support RethinkDB14

API tools

NameDescriptionAH Versions
ah-swagger-pluginGenerate Swagger-UI documentation from Actionhero 14-19
ah-ratelimit-pluginAllows limits to be set on the number of time actions can be called in a time period, based on some identifier. Has been tested to work with both actionhero 8 and actionhero 9.8-9

Authentication and Auth

NameDescriptionAH Versions
ah-jwtauth-pluginUses auth0 node-jsonwebtoken to allow token authentication of actions14-17
ah-passport-pluginAn ActionHero plugin for the passport authentication middleware14-16


NameDescriptionAH Versions
ah-newrelic-pluginActionHero plugin for New Relic14-19
ah-airbrake-pluginActionHero plugin for airbrake14-17
ah-nodemailer-pluginActionHero plugin for Node Mailer14-16


ActionHero was built from the ground up to include all the features you expect from a modern API framework.

Open Source

The ActionHero server is open source, under the Apache-2 license

ActionHero runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows

You always have access to the ActionHero team via Slack and Github


For larger customers in need of a support contract, we offer an enterprise plan including everything in the Premium plan plus:

  • 24/7 access to core members of the ActionHero Team
  • Emergency response packages
  • Deployment support
  • ...and custom development against Actionhero’s core as needed.