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The Actionhero Team is working on our plans for 2020 and would like to solicit input from our community.
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Actionhero's source code licence is The V2 Apache Licence, and is distributed with the code. Actionhero can be installed via a number of methods, but we recommend using NPM or Yarn. Version 8.0.0+ of node.js is required.


# mkdir my_project && cd my_project
npm install actionhero --save
npx actionhero generate
npm install
npm start


# mkdir my_project && cd my_project
yarn add actionhero
yarn run actionhero generate
yarn add ws ioredis jest standard
yarn run actionhero


All of Actionhero's source code is hosted on GitHub.

If you are intersetd in forking or contributing to Actionhero, start here!


Actionhero was built from the ground up to include all the features you expect from a modern API framework.

Open Source

The Actionhero server is open source, under the Apache-2 license

Actionhero runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows

You always have access to the Actionhero team via Slack and Github


For larger customers in need of a support contract, we offer an enterprise plan including everything in the Premium plan plus:

  • 24/7 access to core members of the Actionhero Team
  • Emergency response packages
  • Deployment support
  • ...and custom development against Actionhero’s core as needed.