ActionHero's source code licence is The V2 Apache Licence, and is distributed with the code. ActionHero can be installed via a number of methods, but we recommend using NPM or Yarn.


# mkdir my_project && cd my_project
npm install actionhero --save
./node_modules/.bin/actionhero generate
npm install
npm start


# mkdir my_project && cd my_project
yarn add actionhero
yarn run actionhero generate
yarn add ws fakeredis ioredis chai dirty-chai mocha standard
yarn run actionhero


ActionHero was built from the ground up to include all the features you expect from a modern API framework.

Open Source

The ActionHero server is open source, under the Apache-2 license

ActionHero runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows

You always have access to the ActionHero team via Slack and Github


For larger customers in need of a support contract, we offer an enterprise plan including everything in the Premium plan plus:

  • 24/7 access to core members of the ActionHero Team
  • Emergency response packages
  • Deployment support
  • ...and custom development against Actionhero’s core as needed.