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The reusable, scalable, and quick node.js API server for stateless and stateful applications

To the Rescue

No matter what you are building,
Actionhero is here to save the day.


The actionhero framework is one of the fastest ways to get started with a REST API - Routes, Versions, Testing and Translation tool are all included.

Internet of Things

Actionhero's small footprint and stateful server options make it ideal for IOT applications where as much logic as possible is offloaded to the server.

Real Time Chat

Actionhero includes all the modern tools you need for a highly-available realtime applications. Actionhero can work in a cluster to handle all the clients you can throw at it.

Games & Apps

Actionhero was built to serve the same APIs across multiple protocols. Do your games speak both HTTP and Websockets? Actionhero has got you covered.

...and a whole lot more!

Get started in seconds

# Generate a new Project
npx actionhero generate
npm install
npm run build # <--- new! I compile the TS to JS
npm run dev # <--- new! I use `ts-node` to let you develop on your ts files without compiling

# Use the actionhero CLI
(npx) actionhero generate action --name my_action
(npx) actionhero generate task --name my_task --queue default --frequency 0

# Test
npm test
# I'll run `prettier` and `build` for you first
# I handle .ts files now!

# To deploy your app
npm run build # <--- new! I compile the TS to JS
npm run start

Plays Well With Others

Use Actionhero around your workflow and preferred tools.

You've Got the Power

Actionhero was built from the ground up to include all the features you expect from a modern API framework. Written in Typescript, Actionhero makes it easy to build a modern API server with ES6 features like Async/Await... and it also knows when to get out of the way so you can customize your stack to fit your needs.

Easy-to-Use Actions

With Actionhero, you create Actions which can respond to any type of connection. They process incoming parameters and offer a response to the client. Actionhero takes care of routing and responding to each connection type for you.

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Built-in Tasks

Background tasks are first-class in Actionhero. You can enqueue a task from anywhere in the application. Tasks can be recurring or single-run. The Actionhero task system is powered by Resque, so it is compatible with a number of other applications and frameworks.

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Actionhero uses Redis to store and share data. With first-class cache functions, decentralized communications, and distributed workers, you can be sure that your application is able to scale from 1 worker on one server, to as big of a cluster as you need.

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The Actionhero API makes is simple to create a traditional HTTP(S) API, but it also lets you easily extend your API to TCP and websocket clients (all included). Actionhero also easily lets you write your own servers to handle custom transports.

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Actionhero ships with a robust router to make mapping HTTP requests to your actions a breeze.

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API-First Development

Actionhero makes API-First development easy by enforcing a strict separation of views and application logic and removing barriers to API creation. Versioning your actions is simple and integrates well with Agile or XP team workflows.


The Actionhero API makes it simple to create a Actionhero (optionally) facilitates real-time communication not only from server-to-client, but also client-to-client! Actionhero's chat sub-system allows for streaming of both public and private messages between clients. Complete with middleware and extensions, you can create chat services, multi-player games, and more!

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Operations Tools

It is simple to deploy Actionhero with our included CLI tools. You can launch your server as a single instance or as part of a larger deployment cluster. Tools for 0-downtime deployments and robust monitoring and logging hooks make Actionhero a dream platform for your operations team.

File Server

Every server needs to serve files to its clients (even those that don't speak HTTP), and Actionhero is no exception. Configured to asynchronously stream file contents, Actionhero provides an robust file server which can live in parallel with your API, allowing for a fully featured server.

Trusted by Top Companies and Organizations


Actionhero was built from the ground up to include all the features you expect from a modern API framework.

Open Source

The Actionhero server is open source, under the Apache-2 license

Actionhero runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows

You always have access to the Actionhero team via Slack and Github


For larger customers in need of a support contract, we offer an enterprise plan including everything in the Premium plan plus:

  • 24/7 access to core members of the Actionhero Team
  • Emergency response packages
  • Deployment support
  • ...and custom development against Actionhero’s core as needed.

Ready to become the hero your project needs?